Refined sound, everywhere you go

Betron lets you get in tune with your music, while shutting out the world around you. Whether you’re jamming to your favourite tracks on one of our speakers or taking a call at the office with a pair of our headphones – you’ll experience pure bass sound and dynamic audio everywhere you go. 

We’re obsessed with engineering the power of life-like sound. To do this, we start by perfecting the little details that come together to make a big impact on the finished item. Our high-precision innovations make it possible to capture a truly premium listening experience. From our industry-leading noise cancelling technology to our premium drivers – our headphones and speakers have a lasting audio impact.

 Our signature sound and noise isolation technology found in our headphones takes you deeper into your music. The noise-isolation features in our over-ear headphones feature close fitting ear pads, while our in-ear headphones all come with adjustable earbuds to let you escape the sounds outside and lose yourself in your music.

From the very beginning, Betron has been renowned for pushing out pure bass driven sound, that is both deep and powerful. And you can take this signature-sound with you everywhere you go, thanks to the portability design of all our products.

Betron produces a wide range of premium Bluetooth speakers, headphones, earphones, audio and power accessories.