Finding your perfect audio match in the great outdoors

Are you looking to get the party started outdoors? The best way to do just that is through a sound system with great audio quality and enough power that can hold sound in an open environment. 

Finding a great speaker is easy when you're looking for a sound system to use in your home, but finding the same kind of high quality audio for the outdoors can be a bit more tricky.

Here are 5 potable Bluetooth speakers by Betron that aren't phased by a daily dose of mother nature. 


1) Betron NR200 

Betron NR200 Bluetooth Speaker

Experience your music with unmatched sound clarity and just the right amount of bass that can be felt, even outdoors. Boasting less than one percent total harmonic distortion, the NR200 speaker outputs more music and less noise better and louder than any other 10W speaker, and even more powerful ones.


2) Betron A3 

Betron A3 Bluetooth Speaker

Lightweight design meets amazing sound. The A3 Bluetooth speaker is super portable and sleek, perfect while you're on the go - whether heading on a camping trip, having a barbecue in the park or just relaxing outdoors.